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Directors of The CTC Network Dominican Republic

Ron and Karen Andrei

Ron and Karen retired and moved to Key West, Florida in 2011. After enjoying retired life for a few months, they felt a lack of purpose. As lead Pastor at their church in Key West, Pastor Jonathan Carey and his mission focused outlook resonated with them and led them to go on their first mission trip. From that day forward they felt called to serve in the mission field. As the CTC Network expanded to the Dominican Republic Ron and Karen worked alongside Pastor Carey as Project Ruth began in the mountains of La Florida. From initial construction of the Project Ruth facilities in 2015 to the development of programs and further expansion of the facilities they have faithfully served to bring Pastor Carey’s God given vision to fruition.

Ron and Karen serve as the CTC Network Directors of Project Ruth and focus on facilitating short-term mission teams to provide outreach opportunities to the community that they now call home.


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