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Directors of The CTC Network South Africa

Wayne and Charlene Turnquest

Dr. Wayne Turnquest is from the Bahama Islands and is married to the beautiful Charlene (Bishop) from South Africa. He is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and served as a part of the pastoral staff at Evangelistic Temple, a 1,400 followers in Nassau Bahamas. There He oversaw the 20 plus ministries for more than 10 years.

In December 2011, Dr. Wayne and Charlene moved to South Africa after being led by God to do so. Their passion and commitment is to add value to pastors and to the local church/ groups through Equipping, Encouraging and Empowering people. Their means to accomplish this is through Consultation and a host of seminars and workshops. Dr. Wayne is a certified Behavioral Consultant, and a Life and Leadership Coach, and Charlene is a nurse and certified Behavioral Trainer.

Presently Dr. Wayne serves as a director for the Institute For Leadership Development (IFLD) for the Assemblies of God Association SA and is responsible for training and development of its’ ministers.

They are also Community Chaplain serving different communities in South African and helping to raise up more chaplains to take the ministry of Jesus to communities.

Dr. Wayne and Charlene have been hosting workshops with teachers and learners at various schools and communities. They also support and work alongside Focus on the Family to help build and strengthen families God’s Way.

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